3 Quick Tips on Designing Your Workouts To Keep the Weight Off

Jun 18, 2019

[This is part two in my series on “How To Keep The Weight Off” after achieving some success in losing weight. Part one is here.]

The scale recently said you’re eights pounds lighter.

An excited smile spreads across your face, but a hidden fear lurks beneath it.


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Losing Weight vs Keeping It Off – Part 1

Jun 11, 2019


“While everybody focuses on how fast they lose weight, the real key to success is focusing how long the weight will stay off.”  - Helen Kollias, Ph.D

That quote offers a major insight.

It can be seducing to see a weight loss program or method...

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The #1 Myth About Getting Toned Abs or Arms

Jun 04, 2019

 “How can I get rid of this?”

A frustrated woman asks me as she raises her arm and shakes the bottom half to show me the bodyfat she’s extremely eager to get rid of.

“Can you help me lose this?”

A guy with extra weight in his midsection gripes to...

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You Know What To Eat - So Why Aren't You Losing Weight?

May 28, 2019

Have you ever felt frustrated in your weight loss endeavors because you already know WHAT to eat but can’t figure out WHY you’re unable to make it happen?

The advice seems simple enough: eat less junk food and more fruits & vegetables.

So why is this still...

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Should You Eliminate Certain Foods to Lose Weight?

May 21, 2019

Have you ever said something similar to the following statements:

I need to cut bread and sweets from my diet.


Once I stopped having [insert mouth-wateringly delicious food or beverage here], I lost ten pounds.

Statements of elimination like these are so common that nearly every...

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A Quick Way To Lose Bodyfat

Mar 25, 2019

We can’t help it. We’re human and look for the path of least resistance.

Your want to lose bodyfat, but you also want to minimize giving up your favorite foods.

Good news: there’s a way to drop serious pounds without changing ANYTHING you eat.

Sound too good to be...

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How Often Should You Workout?

Mar 25, 2019

While this is an elemental question, many people struggle to know how often they should be training.

Twice a week?

Five times a week?

What delivers the best results?

It’s understandable to be uncertain, because though the question is simple, the answer depends on a few factors.

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One Habit That Creates Boundless Motivation

Mar 25, 2019

Motivation is life-affirming, but it always comes with a dreadful question that lurks in the back of your mind: “When will this feeling end?”

To some degree, motivation will always rise and fall, but it should never end. Not when the objective is critical to shaping your...

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The #1 Strategy To Fix Your Workout Motivation

Mar 24, 2019

Based on my experience, there is a top reason people struggle with workout motivation, and therefore fail to improve their body.

It’s simple: most people have lifeless, vapid reasons for working out.

I realize that sounds heartless, but my intent here is to help.


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Why "Discipline Not Motivation" is Wrong

Mar 24, 2019

Remember when you resolved to make exercise a regular part of your life?

But along the way you realized a treadmill is not that exciting? Or midnight was always the perfect time to begin a new season on Netflix?

If you are human, the answer...

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