A Quick Way To Lose Bodyfat

Uncategorized Mar 25, 2019

We can’t help it. We’re human and look for the path of least resistance.

Your want to lose bodyfat, but you also want to minimize giving up your favorite foods.

Good news: there’s a way to drop serious pounds without changing ANYTHING you eat.

Sound too good to be true?

It’s not.

You simply change what you drink.

You may not even be aware of the degree to which consuming multiple caloric beverages each day can pack on pounds.


The Stealth Damage of Caloric Drinks

Why is that?

Because caloric beverages have almost no impact on satiety (i.e. making you feel full).

That means it’s dangerously easy to guzzle hundreds of calories a day and barely quelch your appetite, though the effect on your waistline will become quite noticeable.

Just consider this example of caloric stacking from an assortment of beverages throughout a day, courtesy of the USDA:


Now let’s consider the real-world effect of these numbers.

This person, typical of many Americans, consumes approximately 800 calories/day from beverages.

If all of those were in excess of your body’s energy needs, you would gain a jeans-busting 6.4 pounds per month.


But let’s flip that into something positive.

If you’re consuming that many (or even half that many) excess calories a day sipping lattes and popping cans of soda, you have tremendous potential to lose weight without changing anything you eat.

I know, I know.

It’s not easy passing on an invigorating Starbucks latte in wee hours of the morning.

Or the relaxing glass of wine (or two) with dinner.

So what’s the solution?



The Solution: Chip Away at the Problem

Tackle it gradually.

Ditching every last beverage you enjoy is unnecessary (and would not be a long-term solution, anyhow.)

Try this instead: ask yourself which meal of the day you can most easily eliminate a caloric beverage and replace it with one of the following:

– water

– sparkling water

– water with lemon or fruit, or

– or unsweetened iced tea

Then, for the next fourteen days, aim to be consistent with that goal.

Once you’ve been successful, you can simply repeat the process for a different meal of the day.

And if you typically have two glasses of wine or beer with dinner, try having just one instead.

It won’t be long before the scale tips in your favor (figuratively and literally.) And, bonus!, there’s an excellent chance you’ll also experience less headaches and gain a boost of energy.

Give it a shot! You’ll probably find it’s easier than forcing out your favorite foods or spending hours in the kitchen preparing a healthy meal.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you’re going to do to reduce caloric beverages in your diet.




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