The #1 Strategy To Fix Your Workout Motivation

Uncategorized Mar 24, 2019

Based on my experience, there is a top reason people struggle with workout motivation, and therefore fail to improve their body.

It’s simple: most people have lifeless, vapid reasons for working out.

I realize that sounds heartless, but my intent here is to help.

If I asked, “Why do you exercise?” What would you tell me? Would it sound like any of these answers:

“To lose weight.”

“To get toned.”

“To improve my health.”

Those answers sound laudable, and are the most common, but stated so blandly and generically, they have zero impact on improving your fitness life. Be honest: do any of those reasons inspire you to begin a weekly, regimented fitness program for the next twelve months?

Of course not. They fail to get under your emotional skin.


Dig Deep To Discover Your Emotional Why

So how you do find a compelling, effective WHY for improving your body?

You must get emotional about it.

Success coach Tony Robbins (a great mentor in my life) says that “Everything we do either out of a need to avoid pain or a desire to gain pleasure.” Hard to refute, right?  This means we must find a WHY that has you running toward a compelling pleasure, or away from a troublesome pain.

With that in mind, begin with this question:

“What fitness-related goals do you have for yourself?”

Now, don’t worry about getting super-emotional in your answer just yet, that will come shortly. At this point, you can be somewhat generic such as “losing fifteen pounds,” “to look better,” or “to have lower blood pressure.”

But now the real work begins. In response to that answer, ask the following question:

Why is that important to me?”

Write down your answer.  And to whatever you wrote, ask for a second time:

“Why is that important to me?”

Write down your answer.  For a third time, (I know it feels repetitious), ask again:

“Why is that important to me?”

Throughout this process you must go deep with yourself. Get emotional. Get ultra-descriptive. If your answer has your heart racing or you eyes tear up, you’re on the right track. Your aim is to find the buried, deeply emotional reasons that lie beneath the surface of you wanting to workout. It’s always about more than just losing weight or simply looking better.

One final piece to this puzzle. Turn your reponses into a statement that fits this format:

“I want to achieve________, so that___________.”

As you can probably guess, the responses to the “Why…” questions can be tweaked slightly to fit into the second clause. Also, to make it more aspirational, you can flip any negative statements into something positive (“e.g. I worry about poor health affecting a long life with my partner” into “so that I can live a long, healthy life with my partner.”)


Write Down Your Answer (& View It Daily)

Congratulations. You now have a major WHY to guide your fitness goals, and this will lead to “Purpose Motivation,” as I discussed in Part I of this series.

Now, this next step is easy, but also easily never done.

Write down your WHY on an index card (remember those?), or take the modern route and make it a desktop image on your laptop. Either way, put it in plain view so you can see it every friggin’ day of your life. Make it visible and read it once each morning.

I realize this isn’t sexy. But it’s what works.


Take One Immediate Action To Move Forward

Permit me one more citation from Tony Robbins, who encourages you to never leave the scene of a decision without taking at least one immediate action. He asserts if you have not taken a single, new action toward a decision, then it was never a decision.

Having discovered your deeply emotional, personalized reasons for improving your body, what will your immediate action be to make it reality?

Sign up for a gym membership?

Hire a personal trainer?

Write into your calendar the dates and times of your workouts this month (along side your other unbreakable appointments)?

Or maybe even sign up for more weekly content from yours truly so that you receive regular fitness coaching. ;) 

Whatever that next step, I implore you: do it right now.




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