Kettlebell Academy

Put an end to boring gym workouts that fail to improve your body and take too long. Instead, gain TWICE the muscle tone, strength, & energy by learning kettlebell training in this online course.

Hey, I'm Daniel! 

I help busy professionals & entrepreneurs dramatically improve their fitness level, muscle tone, and energy without having to spend hours each week in the gym.

In 2010, when I first became a personal trainer, my clients were typically busy attorneys and needed to get more fit without spending their life in the gym.  

They wanted muscle tone in their arms and legs, to lose some weight, and feel more energized after sitting all day.  

But traditional weight training took way too much time where you have an "arms  day" and a "legs day."

Plus, training one bodypart at a time was tedious and boring for most folks.

What I Discovered...

In 2011, I discovered kettlebell training as a solution to ALL those problems and quickly became a voracious student of everything kettlebell because it: 

- Builds INCREDIBLE muscle tone in about 30-40% of the time that you would need to spend in a weight training session with dumbbells or machines.

- Delivers awesome cardio workouts without having to carve out separate time for it. 

- Gives you an amazing all-around fitness level so that you can do whatever physical activity you wanted in life.  

- Made the workout experience MUCH more exciting and mentally engaging.  

For the past eight years, I've become certified in teaching kettlebell, worked regularly with the Senior Kettlebell Instructor of StrongFirst, and helped hundreds of clients in kettlebell training.

Which means I know how to deliver awesome results in it....

Introducing: Kettlebell Academy!

Your 4-week, online video course that will teach you everything you need to learn the basics of kettlebell training so that you can fit into slimmer clothes, spike your energy, and save hours of time each week from workouts.

What Does the Course Offer?

FEATURE #1: A Four-Week Online Course That Will Build Muscle Tone, Melt Fat, and Boost Your Energy. 

Over the course of four weeks, you will receive eight video lessons (two per week) that will teach you the fundamental movements in kettlebell. Each lesson contains about 45-minutes of video instruction. Think of it as eight personal training sessions with me teaching you the basics, step-by-step.

FEATURE #2: Transform Your Body In As Little As 60 minutes Per Week.

Once you complete this course, a common kettlebell routine is two, 30-minute workouts per week - which is enough to see SERIOUS results in your physique, energy, and health.

Heck, you can even learn to crank out some AMAZING workouts with just ten minutes a day of kettlebell training. 

It's that powerful.

FEATURE #3: All the Benefits of Cardio Without Machines or “Cardio Days.”

Because this course teaches you the cardio-intense movement of kettlebell swings, you don’t have to do stand-alone cardio workouts anymore! Unless, of course, you just LOVE the treadmill ;)


FEATURE #4: Learn The Kettlebell Movements That Will Transform Your Body.

The lessons teach the following:

  • Deadlift
  • Turkish Get Up
  •  Swings
  • Goblet Squat
  • Military Press
  • Mobility Drills

FEATURE #5: Self-Paced Program To Fit Your Busy Schedule.

This course unfolds step-by-step so that you learn to do the movements properly, but you can choose any time or day of the week to do the lessons because it’s all online.

FEATURE #6: You Can Be a Total Kettlebell (or Fitness) Beginner.

To do Kettlebell Academy, you don’t need ANY experience with kettlebells or weight training. This course will take you by the hand, and show you everything you need to know to make progress.

FEATURE #7: Lifetime Access.

Once you buy it, it’s yours for life to watch as many times as you need to learn the movements and have access to the bonuses!!

You deserve to feel GREAT about your body!

3 Extra Bonuses for Signing Up!

BONUS #1: Eight Weeks of Online Coaching with Daniel Lona ($197 Value)

  • Unlike most online courses where if you have questions, you’re left stuck, I will answer ALL your questions for eight weeks.
  • This is more helpful than it might seem because kettlebell training is a SKILL that requires coaching and feedback from an instructor who is an expert in this style of training.
  • You can email me or post questions under the video lessons. Plus, you can send me videos of your technique and I will review them and give you tips!

BONUS #2: Healthy & Energy Accelerator Mini-Course (Value $97)

  • While kettlebell is great for your body, there’s more to your health than just fitness. This 90-minute, video mini-course is designed to help you improve the other major areas of your health through strategies & tactics that you can apply right away.
  • There’s a module on each of the following topics: energy, sleep, nutrition, and mindset.
  • These modules will help you get EVEN MORE out your kettlebell training so that you get better & faster results.

BONUS #3: Fitness Success Framework ($47 Value)

  • This video lesson will teach you the 7 keys to becoming strong, fit, and injury-free!
  • This lesson distills what I’ve learned from training hundreds of clients and myself over the past eight years.
  • This answers questions like, “How many times a week should you work out?” “How intensely should you be training?, or “How active should you be outside of your workouts?”

What Kettlebell Training Offers

Below is a video that shows how dynamic and exciting kettlebell training can be. Though some of what I demonstrate here is a bit advanced, rest assured, I always teach my clients the basics, and progress you gradually over time.

Have Questions? These Answers Might Help....

Once you purchase the course, you will get INSTANT online access to the course through a membership site. All lessons are delivered via video in this exclusive membership portal.

Video lessons are dripped on this schedule:

  • You will have instant access to all the bonuses from the moment of purchase.
  • The first lessons are available THREE days after purchase so that you have time to purchase your kettlebell(s).
  • After three days from purchase, you will receive two lessons per week for four weeks.

You can go at your own pace, but I recommend doing two full lessons per week.

Each full lesson, with all the videos contained within each one, is approximately 45 minutes. This means doing two lessons per week would take 90 minutes per week for 4 weeks.

No, purchasing this course does not include a kettlebell. BUT the course does include an entire video on which kettlebells I recommended buying, what sizes you need based on your size, etc.

You can do the whole course with only one kettlebell!

That said, I recommend buying two bells because you’ll get even more out of it that way.

This course includes a whole video lesson on which kettlebells I recommend buying, what size you should get based on your gender/weight, and which brands I recommend. I got you covered!

Most likely, yes. You will need a little bit of open space, but not a lot. The typical living room (with the coffee table set aside) or moderate-sized bedroom can be enough. A good rule-of-thumb is to have an open radius around you of the length of your arm plus 12-inches. If you have that, you’re golden!

Not exactly. Think of this course as a hands-on workshop.

My goal here is not to give you heart-pumping, calorie-torching workouts but to TEACH you how to effectively and safely perform kettlebell movements.

The lessons are about 50% me teaching you the skill, and 50% you performing the movements alongside me.

Don’t get me wrong - you will get some excellent movement and work up a sweat, but the aim is to have you ready to do kettlebell workouts on your own once you complete this course, not to deliver generic ball-busting exercise videos

I only offer a refund in one circumstance: through my money-back guarantee which offers a full refund within 21 days of purchasing the course, provided that you have submitted one video of your technique to me at [email protected] have given me a chance to give you some helpful feedback.

You can send me an email to [email protected] I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions!

21-Day Money-Back Guarantee

My promise is that this is the best kettlebell instruction you can find online. If you are not totally happy with the information that's taught here, you can receive a full refund within 21 days of your purchase date if one condition is met. 

You see, I only want customers who are committed to learning kettlebell training, so I ask during your first 21 days, you send me one video for review of your technique and give me 2 business days to respond with coaching feedback.

Why this requirement? Because this shows you're serious about giving this program a try and learning what's taught here.

Do that much, and I'll give you a full refund if you're still not happy!


Which option works best for you?









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