Get twice as fit in half the time.

Private, in-person fitness training with kettlebell for busy professionals. 

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Tighten & Tone Your Body

Strength training with kettlebell will finally give you the body shape you've always been striving for, but that many workout methods do not offer. 

Reduce Your Weekly Workout Time

To get in good shape, many folks spend 3-5 hours per week. With kettlebell, you can achieve even better results with only 60-90 minutes per week.

Dynamic Workouts

Tired of dreary treadmills and weight machines? Kettlebell training is dynamic, full-body, and way more fun than typical gym workouts.

What Kettlebell Training Offers

Below is a video that shows how dynamic and exciting kettlebell training can be. Though some of what I demonstrate here is a bit advanced, rest assured, I always teach my clients the basics, and progress you gradually over time.

With my private kettlebell training, you can expect to:

  • Build amazing muscle tone
  • Spike your metabolism, making it easier to lose bodyfat
  • Save needless hours in the gym
  • Dramatically improve your strength
  • Increase daily stamina & energy
  • Bullet-proof your body from injury
  • Create a foundation of fitness that allows you to take on any physical activity or sport

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Why Kettlebell Training Is Unique

Located in Chicago's River North Neighborhood

All private training that I offer is at an independent training facility called Lateral Fitness.


The cost of my private training typically ranges from $600 per month to $960 per month (and up), depending on how often a client trains with me per week, and for what length of time (3 months, 6 months, or 12 months.) 

I go into more detail on my program options during a consultation that way we can discuss which program option would be best for you depending on your goals and schedule.

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