Live Speaking Engagements with Daniel Lona

Offer your people an interactive presentation of easy-to-apply nutrition strategies so they can have more energy & confidence in their career!

Are you looking for...

  • A passionate nutrition coach who can speak to the struggles of busy professionals who don’t have much time or energy to eat better...but still want to learn how to lose weight or improve their health?

  • An experienced, qualified speaker you can hire without breaking your budget?

I can relate to your members or attendees....

My Brief Story

I fully understand the life of a busy professional and entrepreneur because I have lived it.

In 2009, I started a career as lawyer. Throughout law school and during my two years practicing law, I worked tirelessly.  

Though I had been fit all my life, I gained a fair amount of weight during this period, ate a lot of crappy food, and struggled to work out regularly

In 2011, when I decided to make a career change, I discovered the revolutionary system of Precision Nutrition on how to eat healthier without painfully depriving yourself of favorite foods or living on green smoothies.

That same year, I also learned the super-fun and time-efficient methods of building muscle tone, strength, and flexibility through kettlebell training.

By combining the best of what I learned in both areas, I was able to rescue my body by losing ALL the weight I gained, transforming my body, and keeping my sanity along the way.

I have taken those strategies and helped over a HUNDRED clients do the same for themselves.

My Credentials

On Nutrition: In 2018, I earned the advanced Level 2 Coaching certification with Precision Nutrition (PN), and have been coaching clients for three years.

Using PN's philosophy, my approach has been to help people learn how to make eating better as enjoyable and easy as possible for even the busiest professionals, using science-backed information.  

On Fitness: I have been teaching strength training with a speciality in kettlebell for the past eight years.  I am a certified HKC Kettlebell Instructor and use StrongFirst methods.

I am also certified as personal trainer with the American Council of Exercise.

On Speaking: I have been a member of Toastmasters for five years and have given dozens of speeches in that time, including national webinars for Guaranteed Rate and InCapital. 

I am also registered with the FreeSpeakers.Org bureau and you can find me there as well. 

What I Offer

To help your members or attendees achieve a better body even during a busy career and lifestyle, the two, presentations I offer are:

1. PRESENTATION #1: "How to Get Leaner Without Cooking or Loving Kale."


  • 1. Ridiculously Simple Dining Out Strategies For Healthier Eating
  • 2. “Anytime/Anywhere” Healthy Eating Strategies That Can Help You Drop Five Pounds Without Changing What You Eat
  • 3. The Weight Loss Strategy You Must Learn In order To Avoid Adding Stress or Worry To Your Life

2. PRESENTATION #2: “The 5 Exercise Myths to Building a More Toned, Fit Body.”


  • 1. The Only 3 Exercises You'll Ever Need to Sculpt Your Body and Melt Unwanted Bodyfat.
  • 2. The Formula To Fitness Success In As Little as One Hour Per Week
  • 3.How To "Bulletproof" Your Body From Injury 

**Both of these talks can be 30 or 60 minutes in length, depending on needs of the organization or conference.


"Daniel’s presentation impressed me with his ability to combine healthy food habits that are simple and easy to implement while offering them in a really fun, engaging style. I would encourage other companies and organizations to hire Daniel – he’ll give your employees excellent tactics to improve their health in a way that understands the difficulty of working and traveling a lot. Daniel will definitely have a positive impact on your bottom line. "

Marcia Turnoy
Former VP of Human Resources at InCapital


My normal pricing is:

A 30-minute talk is $200

A 60-minute talk is $300. 

Currently, however, I'm waiving either of these fees in exchange for the opportunity to spend a few minutes at the end of the talk offering you audience an exclusive deal on one of my services. 


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